ZenX is manufactured by Native Remedies the Natural Choice and states that it is a safe and natural herbal supplement that has been exclusively formulated for the purpose of allowing yourself fall into a naturally peaceful mood. It was put together by a team of Herbology experts, and has so far been proven to be harmless and effective in helping sustain a natural and balanced tranquillity. It improves mental health without harmful side effects.

The bottle is white with an image of grass on the front, showing the Company’s care for for all natural supplements.


ZenX in fact has a handful of very intoxicating ingredients and contains the following:

  • Kava that is Native to the Western Pacific nations such as Polynesia, Micronesia and their neighbours. Kava is used as a tranquillizer as well as for anaesthetics.
  • Kava root has traditionally been used as a remedy for anxiety, depression, and assisting with concentration. It is also favourable for relieving headaches.
  • Bark of Albizzia has been found to be valuable during times of emotional stress.
  • Albizzia flower helps to create feelings of pleasure, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Johns Wort has traditionally been used for centuries to support your body with a balanced mood to safely maintain mental wellness and equilibrium.
  • Passion Flower is highly regarded by traditional herbalists for the soothing properties as a general nerve tonic.


With ZenX, you have to take 1 capsule 3 times daily. But, consuming a pill three times daily could become demanding and you may even forget to take it. On the other hand, not everybody will want the same amount of Zen in their life. Several need more Zen, some need fewer than others. Stay away from going over three capsules a day unless otherwise directed by a practitioner.

Side Effects

The ZenX supplement contains Kava root, which cannot be used with Psychotropic prescriptions. Short-term use of Kava root can affect how fast you respond and can be less powerful the more you take it, can cause yellow skin, and can cause skin allergic reaction. Continuing the use can cause liver exertion, shortness of breath, hives, and facial swelling.

The ongoing use of ZenX in some cases has caused users to develop Hypogondism that is a reduction or absence of hormone secretion of the gonads (testes or ovaries), and should be looked into.

When Will You See Results?

Everyone sees results from supplements and even prescription medications in different ways. The site doesn’t give any definite sign on when results should be seen. They do, on the other hand, say that the benefits can be augmented exponentially if you maintain a vigorous way of life, get appropriate sleep and normal exercise.


One bottle includes 90 capsules, for $34.95. They also have the choice to get a discount with their  buy two get one free offer (about 33% savings). With this, you spend $69.90 and get three bottles for the price of two.


This supplement is manufactured in an FDA-registered, and GMP compliant factories under the care of a group of herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths and pharmacists. All of the declarations on the company’s website to the contrary have not been permitted by the FDA. There is a 30 day money back guarantee, but consent to customers to try ZenX, for up to a year.


ZenX is not suggested for women who are with child or nurturing. It is also not recommended for daily use. The product page is full of whole paragraphs of advice to take into consideration when using ZenX. It even confirms that it can increase suicidal tendencies. This is theoretically supposed to be an herbal supplement. It is believed to be all natural, and people prefer that because it is (generally) safer than prescription medications.

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