Anxiety AID is manufactured by Caruso’s and a calming formula for anxiety that contains an exclusive blend of herbs to assist you with stress disorders and symptoms of stress. It includes the patented herbal extract Cyracos® that has been clinically trialled to help reduce tension and make you more relaxed.

The supplement comes in a box that contains a bottle that is neatly packaged and contains Magnolia, which is a bark traditionally used in Chinese medicine as an anti-anxiety and stress agent, plus contains natural sources of Vitamin D which can help assist you with a better mood.

What’s Within Caruso’s Anxiety AID?

Caruso’s Anxiety AID includes the following ingredients:

  • Magnolia has been claimed to provide assistance in removing dampness from your body, relieve asthma and relieve abdominal pains. But there is inadequate evidence to support these claims that Magnolia is effective for treatment of stress, depression or obesity.
  • Cyracos® is maybe effective for the treatment of anxiety, cold sores and even dementia.
  • Passion Flower has been considered maybe to be effective for the treatment of anxiety, as well as for sedative withdrawal.

What is the suggested Dosage for Caruso’s Anxiety AID?

Adults are advised to take one tablet twice a day after a large meal, unless otherwise directed by your healthcare practitioner.


Magnolia contains a substance called tubocurarine that is an alkaloid commonly used as a muscle relaxant and can cause respiratory problems and very toxic to small children and can cause even you with breathing difficulties.

How Much Does Caruso’s Anxiety AID Cost?

Anxiety AID can be purchased at various online retailers and can either be bought in bottles of 30 and 60 tablets. The price of one bottle of Caruso’s Anxiety AID 60 tablets is $41.95. With this value you save $18.00.

Does Caruso’s Anxiety AID have a Guarantee?

Caruso’s Anxiety AID comes with a 100% money back guarantee and the unused portion can be returned to them with all of its original packaging. Each bottle is guaranteed to meet quality standards and is manufactured under strict policy. The money back guarantee also only applies if the supplement has been bought in Australia, but various online retail stores may provide you with a guarantee.

Conclusion on Caruso’s Anxiety AID

Caruso’s Anxiety AID is one of those products that use ingredients that have not clinically proven to be successful for the intended use.

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