Caruso’s Anxiety AID is formulated for the treatment of anxiety, stress, worry, and insomnia. Caruso’s Anxiety AID contains anti-anxiety herbs that are powerful in helping you feel less tense and more relaxed.

It also contains Magnolia, which is a bark traditionally used in Chinese medicine as an anti-anxiety and anti-stress agent.

This formula contains natural sources of Vitamin D which can help maintain a better mood.


Caruso’s Anxiety AID contains the following ingredients:

  • Magnolia – There is insufficient evidence to support claims that Magnolia is effective for treatment of anxiety, depression or obesity.
  • Cyracos – Cyracos is possibly effective for the treatment of anxiety, cold sores and even dementia.
  • Passion Flower – Passion Flower is considered possibly effective for the treatment of anxiety, as well as for narcotic withdrawal.

Recommended Dosage

Adults are recommended to take one tablet twice a day after a large meal, unless otherwise directed by your doctor.


The price of one bottle of Caruso’s Anxiety AID is $41.95. With this price you save $18.00.


Caruso’s Anxiety AID comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Each bottle is guaranteed to meet quality standards and is manufactured under strict policy.


Caruso’s Anxiety AID is one of those supplements that uses ingredients that are not clinically proven to be effective for the intended use.

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