Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions for Anxiety is for the management of occasional anxiousness and nervous irritability. Anxiety can be helpful to many people.

Some of its uses include management of stress, headaches, PMS, tension, anxiety, nervousness, racing thoughts, ADHD, etc.


What’s In Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions For Anxiety?

Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions for Anxiety contains a proprietary blend of the following ingredients:

  • Fig Tree (Ficus carica) buds: Used for metabolic, cardiovascular, respiratory, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory remedy
  • Lime Tree (Tilia tomentosa) buds: Used to help with colds, stuffy nose, sore throat, breathing problems (bronchitis), headaches, fever, and to make it easier to bring up phlegm by coughing (as an expectorant). It is also used for rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, excessive bleeding (hemorrhage), nervous tension, trouble sleeping (insomnia), problems with bladder control (incontinence) and muscle spasms.
  • Silver Birch (Betula verrucosa) seeds: This is used to help with arthritis, hair loss, rashes, conditions of the urinary tract and achy joints.
  • Lepidolite: This is used to decrease stress, anxiety, depression, manic-depression, despondency, PTSD, anger, panic attacks and addictions.
  • Hypothalamus: This is a chemical found in the brain that governs body temperature, thirst, hunger, sleep, circadian rhythm, moods, sex drive, and the release of other hormones within the body.

What Is The Recommended Dosage?

Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions for Anxiety is recommended to be taken as needed throughout the day. 1 ml doses dropped directly into your mouth or even into a glass of water twice a day is the minimum dosing recommendation.

How Much Does Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions For Anxiety Cost?

The price of one bottle of Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions For Anxiety costs $29.99. This includes 2 ounces. They offer free shipping on all products.


There is no guarantee provided with Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions For Anxiety. Not every supplement will work for every individual, so guarantees help customers feel safer when taking a new supplement.


Dr. Garber’s Solutions For Anxiety isn’t an awful product. However, it fails to stand up to the leading anti-anxiety supplements for several reasons.

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