While women are more commonly affected, anxiety affects everyone at every stage of life. Anxiety can manifest themselves as panic disorders, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Anxiety disorders can also show themselves physically as well. Just a few of these symptoms may include irritability, headaches, inability to focus, shaking, inability to relax, upset stomach, exhaustion, jumpiness and sleep disruption.

Anxiety disorders are not preventable but there are many lifestyle changes and anxiety treatments available to relieve the symptoms. Changes in lifestyle like eliminating caffeine, exercising, eating healthy food, attending therapy and participating in stress relieving activities like meditation and yoga can help in reducing anxiety-related symptoms.

Fortunately, there are a lot of treatments like Enzyme Essentials CalmZyme available to anxiety suffers, some of which can be found in supplements and other over-the-counter medications. Because of the large number of treatments, make sure you do your research and choose the one that’s right for you.

Enzyme Essentials CalmZyme Ingredients

The ingredients in anti-anxiety treatments vary from product to product. Some products use herbal remedies, homeopathic ingredients, natural ingredients or synthetic ingredients. As specified early, you should be looking for a product with ingredients that are all natural. Enzyme Essentials CalmZyme lists the following ingredients for their product:

• Amylase – 2,500 DU

• Protease – 3,600 HUT

• Cellulase – 160 CU

• Lipase – 25 FIP

• Valerian Root – 150 mg

• Hops Strobile – 77 mg

Skullcap – 75 mg

• Wild Lettuce – 25 mg

• Cellulose

• Water

Suggested Use

The manufacturer recommends taking one (1) capsule between meals and/or before bed. Take with adequate liquid.

Side Effects

The side effects for this product were not listed by the manufacturer on the internet. Generally, all medications will cause some side effects and it’s a little unnerving that the manufacturer is not open to discuss these matters. As always, with any medication, supplement or treatment, consult your doctor before use.


Internet pricing may vary from website to website. At the time of writing this review this product was found at a price of $20.95 for a bottle of 100 capsules. At the suggest use, this should last you about 100 days.

Enzyme Essentials CalmZyme Guarantee

Many people want a guarantee as an assurance that if they don’t get the results that they are looking for, they will not be punished. Depending on where you buy this product, individual websites may off their own money-back guarantees.

When looking on the manufacturer’s website, a guarantee for this product could not be found.


There are a lot of anxiety treatment products on the market, including Enzyme Essentials CalmZyme. However, considering the ingredients of this product, its price and the fact that they do not offer a guarantee.

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