If you are ready to get your stress and anxiety levels under control, and start living a fully realized life – there are many therapy options to choose from. From pharmaceutical options to natural remedies, it is important to understand the available therapies and choose an option that offers the correct blend of benefits and relief for your specific situation.

Relora is a natural and effective supplement that can treat your symptoms of stress and anxiety. Formulated from 10% organic and non-drowsy ingredients Relora can safely manage stress-causing hormones, readjust your sleep schedule, and decrease your food cravings.


Relora works by preserving healthy levels of stress hormones and provides support in battling weight gain. This supplement uses extracts from Magnolia Officinalis (also known as the Magnolia tree) and Phellodendron Amurense (also known as the cork tree). These extracts have been important elements in the Ayurvedic medical practice for over 1500 years. Recently, modern clinical studies have investigated their efficacy in battling the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Solanova Relora & Appetite

If stress eating is a specific symptom you struggle with Relora may very well be the help you’ve been hoping for. Relora helps you return to a healthy eating routine, eliminating food cravings and allowing you to stop overeating as a coping mechanism. This supplement helps you remain calm, but clear, with no unwanted drowsiness, which is often a side effect of other supplements.

Dosing Instructions

The suggested dose for taking Relora is to take one capsule three times a day. Relora may be taken with or without food. There is no information available about whether or not you can lower your dose once a baseline level of comfort has been established.


One bottle of Relora costs $19.95 and contains 60 pills. Taking three pills a day means that one bottle provides a 20-day supply.


Because Relora is free of ingredients that could be harmful to some people, such as sugar, yeast, wheat, and dairy; it is one of the gentlest supplements for the treatment of stress on the market. The formula is geared more towards people who struggle with stress eating as a coping mechanism.

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