Increasing stress levels are the result of a hectic lifestyle, which has now become the accepted standard for most people. For those of you who feel constantly stressed and have low energy levels, there is a safe and effective treatment available that promotes a calmer and more balanced mood.

Natural Calm is a simple solution to all your stress-related problems and is also effective in restoring your energy levels.

What Does Natural Calm: Anti-Stress Drink Do?

In order to be healthy, the body needs the right balance of magnesium and calcium. Both nutrients play an indispensable role at a cellular level; a sufficient amount of both is required for your body to reap the maximum benefit. Magnesium calms the nerves in our body, relaxes our muscles and causes free flow of blood. While calcium excites the nerves, makes the muscles contract, and is required for blood clotting.

The moment we feel stressed our cells undergo a change from their normal relaxed state. At this stage, calcium gets inside the cells and elicits an energetic response. The body thus experiences a state of action. Now, the muscle will contract and the nerves will get excited. At this time, the body needs magnesium, which pushes the calcium out of the cell, so that the cells rest and the body goes back to its relaxed mode. Think of these two elements functioning as a switch, with calcium turning the system “on” and magnesium turning the system “off.”

How Does It Work?

Natural Calm restores the magnesium level in your body and balances your calcium intake, ensuring that this important and natural mechanism functions optimally. When this important system is working as it should your body is able to handle periods of high stress and also recognize moments of true calm. Natural Calm is the best magnesium supplement available on the market. According to health food retail reports, it has continued to be the top-selling supplement for the last seven years.

Natural Calm is an organic, drinkable solution available in cherry, raspberry, orange, and lemon flavors. There is also an unflavored option if you prefer.


Natural Calm contains a proprietary magnesium citrate formula which benefits your body in various positive ways. It provides absorbable and water-soluble magnesium in ionic form (meaning its molecular change allows it to bond easily with water). This product gradually reduces the accumulated calcium in the body and thus gives immediate relief from the problems caused by magnesium depletion.


Natural Calm must be dissolved in water. You can add Natural Calm to at least 2-3 ounces of hot or cold water based on your preference. Individuals will experience beneficial results from different amounts of Natural Calm. It’s best to start with a small dose, one half-teaspoon (1g) daily, and gradually increase up to 2 slightly rounded teaspoons (4.5g). Comfortably loose bowels are a sign you’re taking the correct amount.


One bottle of Natural Calm costs $24.57 (price subject to change without notice). Because everyone will require a slightly different dose, how long one bottle lasts depends on how big or small each customer’s preferred dose is.


Thousands of people across the globe have significantly benefited from Natural Calm, and new customers are discovering how easy it is to feel better every day.

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