Anxiety Relief is intended to provide you help through day to day anxiety, and relieve the tension anxiety brings as well. It is meant to help with a wide variety of symptoms associated with stress and tension.  Similasan Anxiety Relief aims to provide relief from feelings of apprehension, nervousness, restless sleeplessness, nervous diarrhea, abdominal pain, lack of concentration, racing thoughts, stress, tremors and palpitations.

Anxiety Relief is meant to help reduce the effect of stress and anxiety, allowing you to go about your day in a better mood.


  • Argentum nitricum 15X- This is for the treatment of anxiety, apprehension and nervousness.
  • Strophanthus gratus 12X- Strophanthus gratus 12x can help in the treatment of nervousness and palpitations.
  • Calcium carbonate, Xylitol (Sugar-free)- Is known for is treatment of PMS symptoms, headaches and bone diseases.


The recommended dosage for adults and children ages 2 and above is:

Take 7-10 drops. For the best results, let them dissolve in your mouth.  These drops can be taken as needed every half hour.


The price for one bottle of Anxiety Relief is $10.99. This comes in a 0.53 oz bottle.


Anxiety Relief does not come with a guarantee of any kind, meaning that once you buy a bottle, that bottle is yours regardless of whether or not it works for you.


Anxiety Relief will get pretty pricey with regular use. Doses as often as every half hour are also very disruptive of your day, especially when compared to the leading products.

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