MyoCalm P.M.Nighttime Muscle Relaxation prescription is manufactured by Metagenics and is a blend of minerals and herbs that are intended to maintain the musculoskeletal structure. This recipe has components that work together to support healthy muscle reduction and wakefulness. MyoCalm P.M.Nighttime Muscle Relaxation Formula may be able to help decrease minor pain connected with muscle tension (caused by stress or physical overexertion), and can promote a calm feeling.

What Does The Product Do?

The manufacturer asserts that the supplement promotes muscle relaxation, and helps to provide you with a feeling of calmness and can be taken at bedtime to provide you with a undisturbed sleep.


The ingredients found in MyoCalm P.M. Include:

  • Calcium is used to lift the body’s Calcium levels, and help put a stop to kidney ailment.
  • Magnesium is mostly used to help relieve the effects of constipation and build bone structure and muscles, while even enhancing insulin secretion.
  • Passion Flower – a number of studies have revealed that Passion Flower is in all probability effective at relaxing people who are not stressed. Though, it has been so far seen to be unsuccessful at providing relaxation to those who are already feeling stressed.
  • Valerian Root is considered to be helpful at relieving insomnia.

Recommended Dosage

The dosage to be taken is three tablets at bedtime or as prescribed by your health practitioner. And intended to be used as a short-term muscle relaxer!


Can cause drowsiness and care should be taken while driving or operating any type of machinery. Consult your doctor if pregnant or nursing and should be kept out of reach from children.


One bottle of MyoCalm contains 60 tablets and costs $14.25. Nevertheless, as the suggested dosage is 3 tablets nightly, you will only obtain 20 nights of use out of one bottle. And it is also available in a bottle that contains 180 tablets at the price of $33.75 that should last you with 60 servings.


The agreement for MyoCalm P.M.Nighttime Muscle Relaxation Formula is that they agree to refund you only if the product is unopened, resalable and in its original condition, and purchased in the last 30 days.

If any complaints are made for shortages or damage it must be presented to the company within a 10 day period of receiving the product. All returns made require a Return Authorization Number that must be obtained from Customer Service.

The supplement is not sold at many online retailers and when purchased you need to buy it from the Practitioners who have a code to sell the product.


MyoCalm P.M. is an excellent health supplement, except it really does not include enough ingredients that are verified to help you settle down at night, specifically in regard to your muscles. The ingredients, however, are fine for your health, although it has not been confirmed that it will relax your muscles in behavior to support the statements made for the product.

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