This product, Immortal Calm is made by a company known as Immortal Herbs. Immortal Calm is made to help you to become relaxed without any of the normal effects, such as fatigue. It also helps to support your nervous system’s health, as well as its overall function. Immortal Calm  can also help your liver stay healthy and function properly.

Immortal Calm comes in a bottle decorated with Chinese writing, indicating that it works along similar principles to traditional Chinese medicine, which has long helped the Chinese stay healthy before the advent of modern medicine.

Immortal Calm Ingredients

  • L-THEANINE: Improves your abilities to learn, focus and  sleep better.
  • REISHI : This is used by mountain climbers to help with altitude sickness and maintain steady levels of endurance.
  • GYNOSTEMMA: Gynostemma helps to obtain balance and equilibrium.
  • GINSENG: This popular herb helps to produce feelings of well-being and stamina, as well as helping with physical and mental wellness.
  • ASTRAGALUS: Astragalus is used in Immortal Calm to help with digestion.

Are You Excited About Guarantees?

Immortal Calm comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, letting you try the all-natural supplement for an entire month. Money back guarantees are a very beneficial thing, as not everyone will experience the same level of results from any supplement.

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