It is all too easy to become overwhelmed by feelings of stress and anxiety in our high-tech, fast-paced world. It has become important to supplement the body’s natural processes for dealing with stress. zen7 is an all-natural formula that helps your body successfully manage the symptoms associated with stress and anxiety, enabling you to function at your peak when necessary and also allowing you to slow down and experience genuine periods of restfulness and calm.

Extended exposure to stress can lead to a variety of health problems, such as: inability to maintain a healthy weight, digestive problems, muscle tension or spasms, chest pain, headaches, high blood pressure, and insomnia.

An affordable, Natural Alternative

If you are struggling with anxiety, it is certainly possible to consult with your doctor and get a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication. But mood-altering pharmaceuticals, packed with harsh chemical compounds, can be incredibly expensive and the litany of possible negative side effects is staggering. Before seeking such a drastic solution to your stress, consider a gentler, but no less effective, alternative. zen7 Natural Anxiety Supplement is a safer, healthier, and more cost-effective option for coping with stress and anxiety.


zen7 is a potent, proprietary formula that helps relieve elevated levels of stress and anxiety. This powerful blend of just 7 naturally occurring ingredients enhances your body’s natural processes to limit the harmful effects of stress and encourages your system to function optimally.

  1. Magnolia Bark Active Extract
  2. GABA
  3. L-Theanine
  4. Mucuna Pruriens (20% extract)
  5. ZMA Blend
  6. Kava Root Extract
  7. 5-HTP

Magnolia Bark Active Extract has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and helps to naturally balance hormonal reactions to external stress. GABA is a simple amino acid that aids in calming down an overloaded and over-active brain. The combination of these 7 basic, but effective, elements creates a supplement that bolsters immune function, promotes restful sleep, and helps prevent premature signs of aging.


The recommended dosage for zen7 is two pills a day.


A single bottle of zen7 contains 75 pills and costs $44 (pricing subject to change). One bottle of zen7 is equal to at least a two-month supply.


When stress and anxiety reach a breaking point, just getting through your day becomes a monumental task. zen7 will help you manage your stress naturally. Even though this basic 7-ingredient formula is appealing in its simplicity, it does contain Kava, which has been indicated in many studies to cause potentially severe liver damage.

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