Neuro Nutrients is a multivitamin-mineral blend that is put into vegetable capsules. The Albion and other vitamins help to ensure that the maximum amount of utilization that can occur at a cellular level.

Neuro Nutrients also balances your body (with vitamins and minerals that help to support a well balanced body), provides your body with energy and helps your heart be as healthy as it can be.


Each capsule contains the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin A-This vitamin helps prevent infections and also helps with speeding up the healing process during infections. Improves immune function. Heals wounds.
  • Vitamin C-Treats the common cold, slows down the process of osteoarthritis and decreases lung infections.
  • Calcium-reduces symptoms of PMS.
  • Iron- Helps with learning problems and treating symptoms of ADHD, fatigue, depression and RLS.
  • Vitamin D(3)-Prevents falling in the elderly. Used for weight loss and preventing tooth decay/loss.
  • Vitamin E-Treats symptoms of dysmenorrhea (Painful menstruation)Alzheimer’s disease. Also, this vitamin can help improve physical performance.
  • Vitamin B(1)-This vitamin helps with alcoholism, stress and aging.
  • Biotin-Helps people who have hair loss, diabetic nerve pain, brittle fingernails and toenails.
  • Pantothenic Acid-Treats Depression, Diabetic problems, and Enhances immune function. Also helps with the treatment of  headaches, hyperactivity, Low blood pressure, insomnia and Irritability.
  • Zinc-Treats ADHD, stomach ulcers and prevents muscle cramps.
  • Inositol-Deals with stress and agitation.


Adults are recommended to take two capsules of Neuro Nutrients twice a day. Children are recommended a 1-2 capsule daily dosage, unless otherwise directed by your doctor.


One bottle of Neuro Nutrients costs $24.90 and contains 120 vegetarian capsules, providing up to two months of use.


There is no guarantee offered by Neuro Nutrients, meaning that once you buy a bottle, regardless of whether or not it works for you, you are keeping that bottle.


Neuro Nutrients is one of those supplements that means well, however it cannot stand amongst the leading products.

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