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Top 5 Anxiety Products

Which supplement took home the Editor's Choice Award? We understand how challenging and uncomfortable anxiety can be to live with, so to help you deal with the issues that it brings and address the uncomfortable symptoms it presents, we listed the top supplements to provide you with the results of our extensive research. To come up with our top picks, we evaluated scores of product options from over-the-counter to all natural products. We listed them here in order of superiority and based our research on the following criteria:

  • 1) Performance
  • 2) Speed of Results
  • 3) Quality of Ingredients
  • 4) Product Safety
  • 5) Customer Service
  • 6) Customer Feedback
  • 7) Reorder Rate
  • 8) Return Policy
  • 9) Success Rate

TOP 5 Top 5 Rating


AnxiClear Exulin Hapinex MindSoothe ReloraMax
1 2 3 4 5
Overall Rating 99.50% 87.30% 82.10% 76.80% 72.80%
Speed of Results* Extremely Fast Good Good Average Average
Quality of Ingredients Premium Good Good Average Unknown
Customer Satisfaction Evaluation 99.40% 85.30% 80% 74% 70.30%
Safety Evaluation Safe for Use Safe for Use Safe for Use Safe for Use Safe for Use
Customer Service Rating
Reorder Rate Highest Good Average Average Average
Return Policy Risk Free Unopened Unclear Good Risk Free
Success Rate 99.40% 86.20% 81% 74.50% 69%

*The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the Editor. Results vary.

Best Anxiety Products For 2017

#1 AnxiClear

Overall Rating: 99.1%

Product Claims:

We’ve awarded AnxiClear our top rating for its ability to powerfully address the real issues associated with stress and anxiety. It’s our #1 choice among the natural anxiety products on the market. The most unique quality about AnxiClear is its separate day and night time formulas. Unlike most other products, AnxiClear’s dual action formula is designed to address the different symptoms that both the day-time and night-time hours present.

AnxiClear contains a range of well researched key ingredients designed to address anxiety issues. AnxiClear’s key ingredients are all natural and have been formulated to compliment your body’s naturally occurring rhythms to help achieve your personal health goals.

AnxiClear is manufactured in the USA in an GMP certified laboratory. Its comprehensive formula of ingredients was chosen after extensive research and studies. AnxiClear’s all natural ingredients mean you don’t have to worry about any adverse reactions that you may experience from using such things as prescription drugs.

AnxiClear’s high re-order rate is evidence that this is a great product with high customer satisfaction. Together with its caring, professional customer support service, we were left in no doubt that AnxiClear is a worthy product.


AnxiClear extends a variety of package deals, which are highly competitive and remain unmatched by other competing brands. AnxiClear offers as much as 63% savings on their top selling program (buy three and get three free). This equates to only $23.30 per bottle. It is truly an unbeatable deal when you consider that you are guaranteed to get all the benefits from natural key ingredients for such a low price, together with the manufacturer’s 60-day 100% money back guarantee! Also, their helpful customer service representatives will assist you with your order, or you can easily order online. AnxiClear ships orders discreetly to their customers, and usually on the same day.


Of all the all-natural anxiety products, we ranked AnxiClear as our #1 choice. AnxiClear is obviously a supplement that is packed with quality natural and pure ingredients. It is one of the leading health supplements focused on targeting typical symptoms, currently available on the market. The fact that it has two separate formulas to address the body’s differing needs for dealing with this challenging physical and emotional condition is quite impressive. It also offers a money back guarantee and excellent customer service. With all this going for it, it’s no surprise that AnxiClear is’s Editors’ #1 choice.

#2 Exulin

Overall Rating: 78%

Product Claims:

This is a review for Exulin. It claims to deliver natural key ingredients to address the symptoms of anxiety. Exulin seems to be missing some of the vital key ingredients that are present in our first choice. It has a money back guarantee on unused or unopened items. Read our full review for more information on what to expect if you choose to try this product.


Each bottle of Exulin is priced at $39.95. There are special offers and there is conditional free delivery. The manufacturer offers a good money back guarantee on unused items purchased.


While it would appear that this is a relatively good supplement, it is not specifically targeted at anxiety. Also, it contains fewer key ingredients, compared to our #1 pick. The editors would be more favorable towards this supplement if it contained several more beneficial ingredients, as well as, providing a more inclusive money back guarantee, even for empty bottles. Exulin was almost there with a top quality product but we felt that there were several key elements missing. If they addressed these issues, we felt that this could have been a winner!

#3 Hapinex

Overall Rating: 73.5%

Product Claims:

Hapinex uses some good natural ingredients designed to address the issues that anxiety brings. However, it still lacks many natural key ingredients compared to our other top choices. Anxiety can present with a wide range of symptoms which this product is said to recognize. This is a big plus for this product. To discover more about whether or not this is worth spending your hard earned dollars on, read our full review.


We felt that Hapinex offered a good product but the price was a bit expensive, with limited bulk purchase deals available for consumers. The manufacturer offers a satisfaction protection plan. However, we did not find any information on it or any consumer reviews on its website, which concerned us a great deal.


All in all, Hapinex seems to be formulated for all the right reason. On the surface, it seems to be a good supplement for dealing with anxiety - even the name suggests that it something very positive. However, it contains less ingredients than other comparable products and the slightly high price was disappointing. We were also concerned that we were unable to find any information about dosage, amounts of ingredients in its formula, its satisfaction protection plan or consumer reviews. Our biggest concern, was the lack of reviews, which left us a little wary about the overall performance of this product.

#4 MindSoothe

Overall Rating: 62.4%

Product Claims:

According to the manufacturer of MindSoothe, this natural remedy has been formulated to consider what the body needs in order to maintain positive emotional health and well-being.* The company states that this product is safe but we feel that this should be checked with your healthcare provider, as with any new supplement or medication. We liked that it comes in two presentations: capsules and liquid form. However, we were concerned that MindSoothe consists of only two active ingredients, which is far fewer than most options that are currently available on the market. Our full review will take a closer look, read on.


We felt that the price for this product was a bit expensive compared to other similar products. It has a good money back guarantee but shipping is not covered by the guarantee and must be paid by the customer. In addition, sometimes there is an administration fee. However, we felt disappointed that they fail to provide any current consumer reviews. This lowered their rating.


MindSoothe offers a few very positive elements. The ingredients are good and the potency is similar to other products out there on the market. We would like to have seen several more key ingredients in their formula to complete for the top product spot. We were concerned that there has not been a new customer review for this product since 2014. If they updated its website to include more recent reviews, this could place them in a much stronger position.

#5 ReloraMax

Overall Rating: 61.5%

Product Claims:

Our #5 pick is Relora Max. It's manufacturer claims that their product addresses issues related to stress and stress-related appetite control.* It contains a blend of two natural plants, and whilst these ingredients are good, we felt that this was missing some key natural ingredients for total care. We did like that it is made in the USA. Our full review will reveal all.


We felt that the price was a bit expensive and that it had limited bulk purchase deals available for consumers. It has a good money back guarantee, which is a big plus in our opinion.


Relora Max seems to be a good supplement but we remain unconvinced about the pick of ingredients to actually address dealing with anxiety per se. This product contains some good ingredients but is still missing many key ingredients that deal specifically with the symptoms of anxiety. We liked that it was backed by a money back guarantee. Overall, we felt that it would need to introduce some more powerful key ingredients to address anxiety to get a higher grade.

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