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Cymbalta Pain Management Review

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Pain can come in many forms, but in medical terms, there are two very distinct ways in which it presents itself. Pain can present itself first in physical form, as the kind that people can feel in their bones and muscles, and one that can render them unable to carry out any form of physical activity. This kind of pain is debilitating to say the least, and one that is difficult to bear. Then there is the other kind of pain, the mental kind. This is the kind of pain that situates itself firmly into a person’s head and stays there for a less than desirable amount of time. People can suffer anonymously from this kind of pain for years and never have anyone close to them know about it because it is so easy to hide. Fibromyalgia is a known source of physical pain, while depression causes mental anguish to millions people all over the world. Both are notoriously difficult to deal with, but Cymbalta aims to at least help people receive some reprieve from all the pain.

How Cymbalta Pain Management  Works

The chemical balance of the brain is very delicate, and any little thing that causes a disruption or does anything to trigger them going to levels that are out of proportion can spell disaster for people. This is where Cymbalta claims to be able to provide a helping hand. Cymbalta contains duloxetine which is what allows it to be used for the purposes of treating both depression and fibromyalgia. Duloxetine does this by affecting the brain’s chemical makeup and it alters this in a way that can help relieve pain for the people who are suffering. By changing levels of the chemicals in the brain, duloxetine can remove the pain that the imbalance is responsible for.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage for Cymbalta changes for whichever condition is being treated. For depression, the recommended dosage to begin with is 40mg per day, which would be divvied up to two doses. Eventually the dosage can increase to 60mg per day, which can be given as one dosage or separately as two. For the treatment of fibromyalgia, the dosage should start of at 30mg being given once a day for up to a week, then after that, the dosage can be increased to 60 mg per day still given only one time in a day should there be no problems encountered.

Side Effects

Taking Cymbalta can cause side effects such as a loss of appetite, increased frequency of urination, and maybe even head and body aches to begin with, but the most common side effects are generally minor and don’t even warrant a visit to the doctor unless they verge into more serious territory.

The Final Word On Cymbalta Pain Management

Pain, no matter in what form it manifests itself is obviously difficult to live with, and anything that can help alleviate it would be welcome. Cymbalta can offer that relief, and it can be a valuable addition to people’s lives.

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